Back to News Tips when going back home for Easter


As the Easter holidays are fast approaching and lots of you will be going back home for a well deserved break, we have put together a small checklist to ensure your property is nice to come back to. If your property is going to be empty for longer than usual please let us know so that we can keep an eye on it.

  • Make sure you empty all the perishable food out of the fridge, kitchen and property as a whole to prevent it rotting.
  • Empty all bins and remove all rubbish in the property to prevent smells building up. If your property has its own external bin please make sure you put this out to be collected.
  • Leave the property clean and tidy with stairways and hallways clear to prevent problems when returning.
  • Ensure that the property is left secure with all doors and windows closed and locked with trickle vents open and security alarm set if you’ve got one.

All these will make your property more pleasant to come back to.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter from everyone at MAF Properties.