Condensation and Mould Prevention

Please follow the steps below at all times to help prevent the build-up of condensation and associated problems.

  • Always ventilate rooms as much as possible, if windows have trickle vents make sure they are open.
  • If you have UPVC windows put them on the latch in the locked position. This allows air to circulate while the window is still locked.
  • Velux Windows - There is a vent at the top where the window opens, this should be open at all times to ventilate your room.
  • Keeps blinds & curtains open during the day to help air circulate.
  • Avoid drying clothes on radiators and airers whenever possible. Make sure a window is open if you do.
  • Condensation can form on the inside of windows & sills if this occurs wipe them down with a cloth or towel on a daily basis.
  • Clean the insides of windows regularly to prevent any mould forming.
  • If any mould appears wipe away with a mixture of bleach & water.
  • Always wipe down shower cubicles & baths when you have finished & remove any water which may have gathered on the floor.
  • Never turn extractor fans off.
  • Make sure the heating is left on an appropriate setting during cold weather so rooms don’t get too cold and pipes don’t burst.
  • Open windows and use extractor fans to provide adequate ventilation when cooking.