To find the nearest recycling centre to your property contact Veolia on 0114 2283550.  Alternatively you can go on to their website and enter your postcode. A list of all recycling centres near you (for different types of waste) will come up.


Unless you are in one of our developments with a dedicated bin store, your property will have a black wheelie bin which is for general household waste, then a blue bin for paper and cardboard and a brown bin for glass, cans and plastic bottles. NO other refuse must be placed in either your blue or brown bins or they will not be emptied.  Please contact Veolia on 0114 2734567 to find out your collection date.  Blue & brown bins are emptied every 4 weeks, and this day may be different from the black bin emptying day.


You need to keep your bin on your property and only put it out on the kerbside on your collection day, before 7am.  Please ensure you take your bins back onto your property once it has been emptied as Sheffield City Council issue fines of £100 for bins left out on the highway.


Please ensure that the bin lid is closed when it is put out on the kerbside or it will be classed as overfull and not emptied.