The Complete Guide to Sheffield for Vegan and Vegetarian Students

If you're a vegan or vegetarian student who is getting to grips with Sheffield life - we've got you covered! Here, we explore the best places to eat, drink and shop across our wonderful and very plant-based friendly city.


With a record number of UK university students becoming vegan, and with 50% of millennials giving the plant-based diet a go, restaurants, bars and pubs have to catch up.

Luckily for the vegan and vegetarian students of Sheffield, this city is ahead of the curve. There are so many options, we had to whittle them down to the best of the best.

MAF Properties have picked out the best independent vegan and vegetarian spots across the city - from groceries to entertaining your parents to the essential hangover cures, you’ll find something worth trying in this list!

Must-Visit Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants and Cafes

These restaurants and cafes are all 100% vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with some of them also being all-vegan menus too.


Church - Temple of Fun (all vegan)

Church opened its refurbished warehouse doors in late 2018 and shook up Sheffield’s scene. You can kill time here as the Temple serves food and drinks alongside arcade games, a tattoo parlour and a clothing store.

The venue is catered by the popular ‘Make No Bones’, purveyors of realistic meat substitutes and daring flavour combinations. Here you can indulge in burgers, chicken, loaded fries, subs, salads and their signature avocado wings. The menu does update fairly regularly, so there is always a reason to return.


The large space is ideal for big groups with a diverse drinks menu and plenty of seating options, including video game booths!

Recommended Dish: Korean Style Chicken

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The Blue Moon Cafe (vegan and vegetarian)

Having set up shop in 1995, The Blue Moon Cafe is one of the longest-serving vegetarian establishments in Sheffield. Located on the edge of Cathedral Square, the iconic building is a cosy and bright space, ideal for groups of 3-6.

The menu changes daily with two vegan and one vegetarian dishes served up for customers to enjoy. You’re likely to find fresh and wholesome grub here, cooked from scratch of course.

Recommended Dish: You’ll have to pop in to see, the chalkboard daily menu operates here.

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Dana Cafe (vegan and vegetarian)

Further out of town and up in Crookes, Dana is a gem. This cafe serves locally-roasted coffee, a well-curated tea selection, and a small vegetarian and vegan menu.

It’s a peaceful spot and more suited towards small groups of up to four. The menu has vegetarian and vegan options, serving breakfast up until 12:30pm through the week and until 3:30 on the weekend. Dana also offers lunch options and fresh cakes daily.

Whether you’re recovering from the night before or just looking for a quaint space to enjoy a bite, Dana is something a little bit different.

Recommended Dishes: Full English (Vegan or Veggie)

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Pour (all vegan)

This pizza and craft beer emporium is a fairly new addition to Sheffield, opening in 2018 on Chesterfield Road. The dog-friendly bar and eatery have been a hit. Students will also be pleased to know that every Wednesday, Pour offer 2-4-1 on all 10” pizzas.

The space almost feels like home. It’s roomy with large tables, sofas and bar stools available, so you can settle in for the night when you visit. There are board games to match the comfortable atmosphere too!


Pour serves pizza by the slice or in 10” and 16” sizes. If you’re not feeling their mainstay, there are also small plates, sides and regular specials available.

Recommended Dishes: Return of the Mac pizza

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South Street Kitchen (vegan and vegetarian)

Located near the train station in Park Hill, South Street Kitchen is an independent eatery that’s serious about sustainability; serving fresh and seasonal dishes.

In addition to changing menus and daily specials, every Friday evening, there is a pop-up menu. This is inspired by the cuisine of a different Middle Eastern country each week.

The interior is simple and cosy, with a brutalist twist. Exposed concrete walls line the cafe throughout. As the shop is embedded in the reconditioned Park Hill flats, it is well worth the trip for some delicious food and to see a big part of Sheffield’s history.

Recommended Dish: South Street Hummus Plate

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Vegan and Vegetarian Takeaway Options

Takeaways are an essential part of student living. If you don’t feel like cooking, it’s a good idea to have your go-to. There are some 100% vegan and vegetarian takeout restaurants, as well as some that are all-encompassing.


Sunshine Deli (all vegan)

Operating out of their shop in Hillsborough, Sunshine Deli have been bringing the most comforting of foods to Sheffield homes since 2018 - all 100% vegan!

Their menu is extensive but includes favourites such as their chip shop range, their cheekily named ‘Vegan Fried Chicken’ (VFC) special, and wholesome pies. Sunshine Deli tend to add specials and new items to their menu regularly.


The comfort food magicians have their own app, so they can provide the best takeaway service possible at the best price possible - and they are already great value for money!

Recommended Dish: VFC Party Bucket

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Just Falafs (all vegan)

Just up the road from Pour, you can find the cleverly named Just Falafs - the all-vegan specialists in hummus and falafel. You can also find them on Just Eat and Deliveroo.

The menu consists of favourites and perhaps something you haven’t tried before. There are three options to how you can enjoy your mains - just in a pitta, on a plate or in a topped hummus bowl (all served with pita and salad). If you have a sweet tooth, there are dessert options to complement your meal too.


Just Falafs is the perfect midweek pick-me-up and a great takeaway to share with friends.

Recommended Dish: Schnitzel Hummus Bowl (and Loaded Chips!)

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Wild Rice (vegan and vegetarian friendly)

Based on London Road, Wild Rice is a Chinese takeaway that will deliver within a three mile radius.

With sections on their menu dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food - you know you’re in for a treat with Wild Rice. From vegan duck, to mixed vegetables in various sauces, to tofu dishes; this takeaway has an extensive range to suit plant-based diets.

Wild Rice also serves a lot of meat options, it could be useful to save their number if you’re ordering in for the whole house!

Recommended Dish: Vegan Aromatic Crispy Duck

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Italia Uno (vegan and vegetarian friendly)

If pizza is your thing, you should experience delivery from Italia Uno at least once.

Located at the top of Ecclesall Road, the Italian takeaway creates delicious food on request, serving an extensive vegan menu.

Their vegan range includes some interesting appetisers, such as crispy cauliflower wings, as well as a comprehensive plant-based take on the classics - pasta, pizza and risotto.

Like Wild Rice, Italia Uno also serves meat - so if you’re catering to all diets in your order, this is a quality option.

Recommended Dish: Pizza Salsiccia

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Doing Your Vegan and Vegetarian Shopping

Sheffield is lucky to have some long-standing, independent shops that will add some extras to your weekly shop.


The Incredible Nutshell (all vegan)

Sheffield’s first and currently only 100% vegan shop, the Incredible Nutshell, has been stocking vegan staples and the more difficult-to-locate products since 2015.

Having picked up the award for Best Vegan Shop at the UK Vegan Awards in 2016, it is well worth a visit to the Incredible Nutshell to see what exciting products they have in.

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Beanies Wholefoods (vegan and vegetarian)

Providing Sheffield with fresh produce since 1986, Beanies is undoubtedly one of Sheffield’s best stops for vegetarian and vegan supplies. At present, they are located at their shop in Walkley, but they’re currently renovating a building across the road, with their own cafe in the pipeline.


There are so many products in Beanie’s fridges that you won’t be able to buy in the mainstream shops, including a vegan wagon wheel. They also regularly supply local makers’ products, such as soaps and vegan cheeses.

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Just Natural (vegan and vegetarian)

On Crookes’ highstreet, Just Natural is a greengrocer specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables. They also stock some interesting vegan and vegetarian products including cheese, tofu, meat substitutes and more.

You’ll often catch a bargain at Just Natural, such as 2 for £1 mangos or 3 for £1.20 - it depends on the season, but you can always guarantee quality and local goods from this shop.

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Places That Cater to All

Avoid any arguments and keep these eateries in your arsenal next time you and your friends want to go out for a bite. Meat, vegan and vegetarian options are all included at these restaurants.


The Red Deer

There’s nothing quite like bonding over a good Sunday roast. It’s nostalgic and reminds you of home - but it’s difficult when not everywhere offers a good vegan option.

Be assured that The Red Deer has a cracking roast, for everyone, which changes from week to week. There are also great pub grub options for everyone too. If you’re looking for a drink to go with your Sunday dinner, there’s also weekly changing ales and cider.

Recommended Dish: Sunday Roast

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Five Rivers Coffee Co

In need of a study spot or looking for something a little different? Five Rivers in Broomhill brings the ‘organised chaos’ of Vietnamese street food to Sheffield.

Choose to dine at the table, or more traditionally, leave your shoes by the door and sit on the cushion-filled floor. In addition to their Broomhill spot, the Vietnamese restaurant has a second site inside ‘The Cutlery Works’ in Kelham Island - Sheffield’s largest food hall.


From light bites to massive banh mis, Five Rivers has something for everyone; meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Recommended Dish: Build your own Banh Mi

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Twisted Burger Company

Vegan, veggie or carnivore - Twisted Burger Co. is the go-to burger joint for many Sheffielders since 2011. They aim to mix locally-sourced food with locally-produced music, hence their collaborations with Toddla T, While She Sleeps and Bring Me the Horizon.

You can currently find Twisted Burger Co. at Triple Point Brewery & Bar, which is near Leadmill. Pay them a visit and there will often be midweek offers on these tasty burgers, so keep an eye out.

Recommended Dish: Donner Go Breaking My Heart Burger