Noise Levels

We are extremely conscious of noise and anti-social behaviour. You will have noticed in the Tenancy Agreement you signed that there are three clauses you have agreed to abide by in relation to noise/anti-social behaviour:

13(b) The tenant must not use the property for any illegal or immoral purpose or cause any nuisance or annoyance to the landlord or the owners or occupants of any adjoining or neighbouring properties.

16(a) The tenant must not play any musical instrument or device and must not allow noise from a radio, television set, compact disc, tape or record player or sound production system of any kind, or any machine or equipment to be heard outside the property after 23.00 hours or before 08.00 hours.

21(i) Not permit or suffer to be done on the property anything which may, or maybe likely to cause, a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaged in a lawful activity in the locality. The responsibility includes the actions and behaviour of visitors and friends of the tenant.

We do take any contravening of these clauses very seriously and you could end up being evicted if the conditions are broken. We would like to stress the importance of keeping noise levels to a reasonable level at all times, particularly at night. You are living in a residential area with many families and other students living in close proximity to your property.

Please also remember that you are responsible for any friends you bring to your property.

We appreciate that most of our tenants are mindful of this and it is just a few who may need reminding.

If you experience a problem with noisy neighbours yourself you can dial 101 any time of the day or night to report the problem. It is a new telephone service run by South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council.

Thanking you for your co-operation.

Noise Levels